Our Policy



About Delay

Please remember, because of various problems that can happen during the day, such as traffic issues, reschedule or cancellation of a previous customer, or delay in a house that requires extra cleaning time, our staff can arrive up to 1 hour early or late for your appointment.

We will be calling you if there is any change in your appointment time during the day.

Our Security Policy

1. For security reasons, ours employees do not clean Human or animal waste and body fluids including feces, urine, blood, vomit, spinal fluid, seminal fluid, and amniotic fluid.

2. If, for some reason our team does not feel safe to come into your home, they can cancel or stop cleaning and leave your house without any prior notice.

About Supply

In the first visit, we provide standard cleaning supplies . We just ask you to provide paper towel and a garbage bag. If your house needs any special product, like wax to laminated floor, please provide it for us on the day of the cleaning.

About Extra Charge Policy
Our services are in Man Hours, so if we send two people to your house it will be:

  • 1.5 hour each, for a total of 3 hours services
  • 2 hour each, for a total of 4 hours services
  • 2.5 hours each, for a total of 5 hours services.

Depending on the size of your home or the condition it might be that we don’t have time to finish everything. Remember that you may request that in the first visit we take care of your priorities first and then with the remaining time do as much as we can. Or if you want the whole house to be finished, we charge an extra fee of $25.00 / hour.



All of our cleaners have signed a “Non-Compete Agreement” with BCS. Therefore they are prohibited from soliciting business from any client on his/her own behalf or on behalf of any third party during their employment with BCS or for (2) two years following leaving or termination of employment, without written approval from BCS. Therefore, you agree not to hire past or present cleaning team members of Cleaning Services Club for a period of not less than 2 years from the date the team member last worked for BCS.

A great deal of time and resources are put into hiring our staff. However, in the event you feel you must hire a team member of BCS in spite of this agreement, then a $2,500.00 placement fee is due immediately upon employment of the past/present team member, regardless of whether the employment is regular or on a contract basis. In this event and payment is not received within 30 days of written notice and an account requires legal or collection action, client/homeowner agrees to pay all cost of collection without limitations for reasonable attorney fees, interest on past due amount, court costs, and all collection costs. Moreover, BCS reserves the right to place a lien and or a judgment upon your primary or rental home for a delinquent payment and you the homeowner agrees to pay all legal fees and time spent for remedy.*****

*****About our Surveillance of the Services *****

To Security, training and supervision purposes, all jobs of our staffs are under audio/video surveillance. The surveillance cameras are on a web-based live feed that is only accessible by Boca Cleaning Services (BCS/BHCS) owners. The cameras are located in front of apron of each staff/cleaners.

Recordings are used for security, training and supervision purposes only. These procedures are used to ensure that you receive quality services. All the saved recordings are routinely erased and aren’t not disponible under request.

By confirming this appointment, you agree to permit our company to save audio and video recordings of our staffs while they are working in your house and understand that upon request services of BCS/BHCS may images of your house and your can be recorded while they are working in your house.

PROMOTIONAL PRICE FOR RECURRING CUSTOMERS – Call us to have a fixed price for a recurrent cleaning (weekly or bi weekly cleaning).

Please call us if you need more details.


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