7 Best Haircuts For Thinning Hair Women

Layers make hair seem thicker, so this low-maintenance style may hide crown thinning. Keep your bob short and light with frequent cuts to avoid crown exposure.

Mid-length bob with long layers

Pixie cuts, like bobs, are short yet elegant and hide thinning areas. Keep your pixie cut in place over problem areas with gel, wax, or mousse.

Pixie cut

If your hair is thinning around the head, try curls. Volume from curls and waves makes hair seem thicker.

Curly hair

Feeling brave? If you've been losing hair due to female pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, or another condition, buzzing may be freeing.

Buzz cut

A bun is a great daily hairstyle for longer hair. Messy buns are more forgiving and hide thinning spots.


Women of African ancestry who wear protective styles for lengthy periods can lose hair. Allowing your natural Afro hair to grow out might help it recover and hide thinning.

Natural hair

Sweeping or flicking your hair over to create a deeper side parting might hide crown or mid-scalp bald areas, particularly if you have thinning on one side.

Flipped side parting