7 Best States For Renting An EV For A Road Trip

One of the best states for an electric vehicle road trip is California. With a combination of DC and Level 2 fast chargers, tourists may take advantage of the largest charging network in the nation in the Golden State.


Oregon is another great state for a road trip, especially a lake road trip. It has the largest and most capable U.S. EV fast charging networks. Between charging stations, picturesque routes with eco-friendly businesses await tourists.


Washington offers many electric car charging facilities, reducing range anxiety for road trippers. A great EV road trip destination is Washington, home to Mount Rainier National Park and the San Juan Islands.


Mountains and beautiful roadways line the state's scenic drives. The state's attractiveness makes it ideal for a leisurely EV road trip.


Grand Canyon State is another wonderful EV destination. Like other regions, it provides recharge stations on picturesque roads like Interstate 10 and Interstate 19. So, drivers may relax on these routes.


Many are astonished to learn that Florida is a top EV road trip state. Florida has many charging stations, especially along scenic coast areas where tourists visit.


Georgia attracts more EV owners and renters. Since its infrastructure is expanding, the state now has many charging stations along popular routes.