7 Daffodil Facts You Need to Know

What Do Daffodils Look Like?

The cup- or trumpet-shaped corona of a daffodil is surrounded by three petals and three sepals, which are the botanical characteristics that distinguish it from other flowers.

What Are These Flowers Really Called?

Narcissus and daffodil are the same plant. Narcissus is its scientific name, daffodil is its popular name.

How Deep Should You Plant Daffodil Bulbs?

Fall daffodil planting should be done in sunny, well-drained areas. Dig 12 inches deep, adjust soil if needed, and plant bulbs with the pointy end at least twice as deep as the bulb. 

When Is the Best Time to Transplant Daffodils?

Daffodils may be moved about your yard. Dig up spring bulbs eight weeks after blossoms fade. Keep bulbs and foliage intact.

Try Miniature Daffodils for Small Gardens

Small half-inch daffodils have more than two blossoms per stalk. See amazing tulip facts after reading these daffodil facts.

How Long Do Daffodils Bloom?

Depending on both your region and the cultivar, the blooming period might vary quite a bit. The majority of daffodils will continue to bloom for a period of up to six weeks.

Are Daffodils Perennials?

The daffodils you plant will continue to provide you pleasure for many years to come. A field of naturalized daffodils that is flourishing may continue to bloom for as long as fifty years.