7 Foods Native to the Americas

Corn (Maize)

One of the oldest cultivated crops, corn (sometimes called "maize") was brought to the modern-day territory of Mexico by the Olmec and Mayan peoples approximately 10,000 years ago.


Avocados were produced and highly valued by inhabitants from the region of Mexico and Central America centuries before they became popular on toast.


Thousands of years ago, indigenous peoples of Mexico, Central America, and South America added spice to their food by growing chili peppers for both culinary and medicinal purposes.


Despite the common misconception that potatoes are an Irish crop, potatoes were actually carried back to Europe by "explorers" throughout their travels.


Along with squash and corn, beans were one of the essential "Three Sisters" and completed the trifecta necessary for a healthy diet.


Although they are frequently connected to Italian cooking, tomatoes were first domesticated by the indigenous people of Mexico in South and Central America.


Since the Aztecs brought them under domestication about 800 BC, tomatillos have been a staple of Mexican cooking. The tomatillo fruit, also known as tomate verde in Mexico