7 narrow bathroom ideas to maximize your awkwardly-sized space

Choose A Walk-In Shower: Whenever we hear the words "walk-in shower," we instantly picture ourselves at a fancy lodge. If you want to feel this way at home, add one to your small bathroom. It's the perfect shape for these.

Use Towel Hooks: No matter if your bathroom only has a sink or a shower or bath, you need ways to store your towels. Adding vintage hooks for a retro look or bright ones for a pop of colour.

Switch Up The Shape And Style Of The Mirror: You should always look for mirror ideas for small bathrooms because they're a smart way to keep an eye out for lost toothpaste. They can also make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Choose wall-hung designs: A "standard" wall-hung sink is usually too big for a toilet with an odd shape, but there are smaller ones. This is the right sink for you if you want to wash your face and also your hands.

Purpose build storage tailored to your space: Having good storage can make a room feel bigger by keeping areas clear and things out of sight. There are a lot of different sizes and styles of bathroom vanities.

Look for made-to-measure solutions: To make sure there is enough room and comfort in a shower room, the shower tray should be at least 27 inches wide. You'll have enough space to get in and out of the shower this way.

Maximize square footage with a wet room: You might want to think about a level entry wet room instead of a cage. The room feels bigger because the bathroom floor tile is used all over.