7 Snacks You Should Never Eat That Are The Worst For Your Body

Any baked chips

They're heavily processed and frequently have so little fat that you can eat a lot of them and never feel satisfied. This may raise blood sugar levels and trigger an insulin spike that encourages

Rice cakes

You believe that because they are lower in calories, you can eat more of them. However, rice cakes are essentially just a carb with little to no nutrients and are frequently flavored artificially.


These tiny deceivers are a nutritious "zero" and only cause fluctuations in your blood sugar and insulin levels. You thus become much more hungry.

Potato chips

Potato chips are empty calories because they don't have any substantial nutritional benefit. Additionally, they have little protein and fiber and a lot of fat.

Veggie sticks or straws

These resemble a wolf masquerading as a sheep. Because these highly processed treats are composed of veggies, people believe they are healthful.

Store-bought smoothies

Smoothies produced at home can be nutrient-dense gold. However, even the nicest local smoothie shop or grocery store may sell grab-and-go smoothies

Granola/cereal bars

These can have high sugar content and little protein and fiber content, therefore they are frequently sold as "healthy candy bars." Read the nutrition label and be mindful of the ingredients.