8 Cheap Landscaping Updates that Make a Splash

Roll in a Boulder: Boulders look natural and are ideal for planting grasses, flowers, and other plants. Any landscaping supply store has big rock heaps.

Grow Self-Seeding Flowers: Self-seeding flowers like hollyhocks save home gardeners money. Buy seeds now to have blooms forever.

Use Cheap Planters, but Dress Them Up: A helpful item for any gardener is garden twine, particularly as an inexpensive and fun way to dress up any pot any appearance with hot glue.

Go with a Gravel Path: It may add interest to your environment and a walking way by adding a garden path. a less costly gravel or mulch route will look better thanconcrete or pavers.

Mount Small Planters on the Deck: It can assemble an easy-to-make railing-mounted planter in little under an hour. A few common gutter pieces will suffice.

Build a Rustic Arbor: With about $25 worth of steel rebar, you can create this garden trellis. It also won't need any welding.

Repurpose Containers for Starting Seeds: Repurpose a salad bar's plastic clamshell container to create a little greenhouse for seed starts in the spring.

Put in a Backyard Fire Pit: For hardly more than the price of a cheap fire ring from the shop, you can construct your own DIY fire pit.