8 Destinations Travelers Suggest Skipping on Your Next Vacation


An adventurer found Iraq disappointing with unbearable heat, dilapidated buildings, trash-filled streets, and bad food, leaving a lasting impression of missed potential.

Naples, Italy

Once famed for cuisine and architecture, Naples disappointed with garbage piles detracting from its beauty, highlighting issues with city maintenance.


Dubai’s consumerism and high prices left one traveler underwhelmed, dismissing the city’s attractions as superficial despite its glittering façade.

Los Angeles

Expecting glamour, one dreamer found Los Angeles stark with contrasts between luxury and homelessness, not aligning with their expectations of a seamless cityscape.


Corrupt cops marred an explorer’s trip, extorting money and causing trouble, though locals were friendly despite the negative experience, revealing a complex societal issue.

Papua New Guinea

One daring adventurer saw Papua New Guinea's natural beauty eclipsed by poverty, Port Moresby danger, and malaria, highlighting the necessity for cautious investigation.


Hoping for a unique root beer scent, a poet left disappointed by Albuquerque, feeling let down by unmet expectations and a lack of sensory fulfillment.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Despite its fame, one visitor found the Leaning Tower of Pisa underwhelming in size and surroundings, describing it as "overall very lame" due to its unremarkable presence.

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