8 Fast-Growing Annuals To Quickly Fill Your Garden With Color

Black-Eyed Susan

Known for rapid growth and prolific flowering, these plants have mustard-colored, red, or orange flowers with a brown center, attracting pollinators.


A cool-season annual with true-blue, pink, or purple flowers. Larkspur is easy to grow and adds a delicate touch to the garden, blooming early in the season.

Lemon Basil

This fragrant herb attracts bees and butterflies with its delightful lemon scent. It can be used in bouquets and provides a lovely fragrance when brushed against.


With vibrant orange and yellow flowers, marigolds grow rapidly from seeds to mature plants, deterring pests and providing edible blooms.

Lime Light Millet Grass

This ornamental grass produces beautiful seed heads that are excellent for cut flowers and attract songbirds when left in the garden.

Moonflower Vines

Vining plants that bloom at night with large white flowers, adding a unique spectacle to evening gardens. Plant near walkways for easy viewing at night.


Known as Love in a Mist, this plant produces blue, purple, or white flowers above lacy leaves within two to three months. It self-seeds, ensuring it returns year after year.

Snow on the Mountain

Deer- and rabbit-resistant, this plant features variegated foliage and is native to North America. It grows quickly and provides visual interest to any garden.