8 Haircut Ideas to Add to Your 2024 Mood Board

Baroque Bob  New bob haircuts include the "baroque bob". Webster defines it as "characteristics of a style of artistic expression prevalent especially in the 17th century."

Undercut Leaving it longer on the top but not overly styled is the modern take, explains celebrity hairdresser Karl Jackson. "Not a lot of curl, but a more textured look with short fringe.

Bixie For those who desire short hair but aren't ready for the upkeep and commitment, the bixie is ideal. May desire short hair but can't pull a pixie."

Curtain Bangs Bangs are one of the most polarizing hair trends, but curtain bangs '70s-inspired bangs divided down the centre and swept to either side

The "Octopus" "Octopus" haircuts will survive 2024. The sea animal-shaped hairstyle is another shag with shorter, more voluminous top hair and longer, thinner bottom hair.

The "Shift" The haircut can be finished to suit the individual's personality and meet them for who they are within that day."

Jellyfish Haircut This bowl cut-like top piece lays on the outer layer of hair and ends about the centre of the ear, like a jellyfish's bell-shaped body.

Micro Bangs Toth believes bangs may enhance every hairstyle, including overly curly, pin straight, updos, pixies, short, long, thick, thin, braids with boxes, and Afro.