9 Best Hairstyles for Gray Hair for Women Over 60

Always shield your hair from the sun, wind, and rain. Sunlight, heat, filth, and pollution worsen hair problems. 

Protect Your Hair

Wet hair is easily broken. Wet hair shafts and roots are more susceptible to damage. Shampooing too harshly can break hair. 

Deal Carefully With Wet Hair

After each wash, use hydrating conditioner. Frizzy hair may result from skipping this step.

Regular Conditioning

Conditioners lock in hair moisture. They're not scalp-friendly. Conditioning begins 2 inches from your scalp. Overconditioning the scalp makes it greasy.

Condition The Right Way

Shampoo and conditioner from the same line have identical formulas. These are designed for specific hair types and uses.

Use Shampoo And Conditioner From The Same Line

Avoid tight hair ties. Instead, use fabric scrunchies. Tight hair ties pull hair back tightly, causing friction and breakage.

Avoid Tight Hair Ties

Loosely braid your hair before bed to reduce frizz. Leaving your hair open creates knots, so brush and pull it in the morning. 

Don t Braid Tightly During Bedtime

Sleeping on satin pillow coverings reduces friction-induced hair loss. The rough texture of cotton and other textiles causes additional friction against your hair.

Choose Satin Pillow Covers