8 Surprising Snail Facts You Should Know

What Do Snails Eat?

When it comes to the food they consume, snails are not very choosy. It is not uncommon for them to consume everything they can get their hands on, ranging from plant debris to animal dung (and in rare instances, even other snails).

Do Snails Have Teeth?

Snails have several teeth. Snails break down food using a radula in their jaws. With up to 12,000 teeth, the radula is rather extensive. Not like using teeth on your garden? Getting rid of slugs and snails.

How Long Do Snails Sleep?

Snails sleep differently than humans. The average snail sleep cycle lasts 2 4 days. Snails can remain awake for almost a day after that. Like moths, snails are nocturnal. In other cases, snails sleep for years!

Is a Snail an Insect?

Snails have antennae, hence they may be considered insects. Snails aren't related to yard bugs. Mollusks include slugs, octopi, and squid.

Are Snails Born With Their Shells?

The snail shell is a mystery. From where? It may surprise you that snails never switch shells or abandon them. Shelled snails are born. The snail's shell grows with it. Snails need their shells to survive.

Difference Between Slugs vs Snails

Despite sharing the same family and mollusk class, slugs and snails are different. Besides having shells, slugs have varied body shapes that allow them to live in different environments.

How Fast Do Snails Move?

In the event that you had to compete against a snail, you would have little trouble coming out on top. The average snail travels at a speed of little more than three feet, or one meter, in one hour.

What Does Snail Mail Mean?

We know why snail mail became popular, but we don t know who coined it. As email became more widespread, snail mail was invented to differentiate it from physical mail.