8 Things Boomers Say That Drive Millennials Crazy!

Millennials were raised with cordless phones and don't even know what a landline is. They also never imagined having to pay Ma Bell for their phones.

Referring To The Landline

We should give the Baby Boomers a break; they did not grow up with a lot of Mexican cuisine; the most they ever had was a taco night every once in a while.

Pronouncing The L's In The Word "Tortilla"

The millennial generation will eventually be saying the same thing, so they will simply have to cope with this term, which alludes to how long we have lived on God's green Earth.

In All My Years

This is something that every single Boomer who is worth their salt will continue to remark whenever the old credit card does not go through.

Well, I Guess It's Free

Boomers are interested in evaluating the cause of the harm whenever they get a bill for any event, whether it be through a plumber or from a bar.

So, What's The Damage?

This is something that Boomers would remark after their first attempt to use a credit card was either denied or did not go through.

Let's See If This Works!

Boomers grew up calling it marijuana, as in "pot head," so don't blame them; there were no "weed dispensaries" while they were growing up.

Calling Weed "Pot"

When Boomers place "the" in front of nouns, they do it for no specific reason other than the fact that it makes the words seem bigger and more menacing.

Calling It "The Covid"