8 Things You Should Never Leave to Your Kids in the Will

Cherished heirlooms

Contrary to common sense, keeping your heritage to yourself can help prevent conflict between your offspring. It could be preferable to sell a particularly contentious artwork, vase, or piece of furniture right away and divide the money equally.

VHS tapes

Your outdated VHS cassettes are not wanted by your kids. You can still donate them to thrift stores, so get rid of them today. Digitize any footage that is significant, such as family vacations or historical occurrences.

Shoeboxes of old photos

Your relatives will be grateful that you took the effort to scan old pictures, much like they are with old VHS movies. Scanning every single one of your hundreds of images might not be possible.

Old clothes

Nobody wants your old clothes, with the possible exception of your meticulously maintained wedding dress. Donate unused clothing to charities by cleaning out your closet. Get rid of any new clothes you don't wear, even if you have a ton of them still with the tags on.

Old linens

Similar to clothing, nobody is interested in your spare bedding, tablecloths, doilies, or other outdated items. Save what you now require for daily life and throw away the remainder.

Personal care items

Make sure the medicine cupboard is empty. Even while you probably won't be giving away old OTC medications and lotion bottles, any items you have will ultimately be thrown away.

Old magazines

It's unlikely that your children would want to inherit your 20-year "Reader's Digest" subscription. Either the collection is gathering dust or it is being stored.

Old family piano

Get rid of your old, unused piano right away. It might require multiple tune-ups in the first year of restoration if it has been decades since its last tuning, which could cost up to $500 each.