9 Advanced Push-Up Variations to Build Practical Strength

Wide Push-Up

With less emphasis on the triceps than regular push-ups, the wide push-up is a tough exercise that emphasizes the pecs.

Fingers Out Push-Up

This variation is an excellent way to work with shoulder or wrist issues. It relieves some of the strain on your joints while targeting the same muscles as a regular push-up.

Superman Push-Up

It's a fact that feeling like Superman is a result of mastering the Superman push-up. It's an insane task that will test your core and your lats, so it's not for the weak of heart.

Clapping Push-Up

In order to bring your hands together and back down to the ground, you must press your body off the ground quickly and forcefully. This variant is great for developing explosive strength.

Walking Push-Up

Even if they don't seem as dramatic as clapping push-ups, walking push-ups are nonetheless a fantastic technique to gain strength. You must move your body forward with strength and control with each step.

Spiderman Push-Up

One of our favorite advanced locomotive workouts for developing incredible pushing strength is this version on the push-up. It makes sense to go from the Bear Walk to this.

Scorpion Push-Up

The scorpion push-up is a fantastic exercise for increasing pushing strength and mobility on the anterior side of the body. Stretching one leg will stretch the torso and hip flexors on that side of the body.

Narrow Push-Up

If your ultimate goal is to perform a single arm push-up, this is the first variation I advise you to focus on. Although it might not appear like it has anything to do with the single arm push-up,

Side to Side Push-Up

You will be concentrating on loading one side of your body in the bottom position in this next variation of the single arm push-up.