9 Animals That Intimidate Coyotes

Mountain Lions

Top predators that hunt and overpower coyotes, causing them to flee or hide; their presence forces coyotes to avoid areas frequented by lions.


Herbivores that become aggressive when threatened, capable of killing coyotes with their size and sharp hooves; coyotes approach moose cautiously, especially during calving season.

Coyote Packs

Larger packs pose a threat to lone coyotes and smaller groups, leading to territorial dominance and forcing smaller packs to avoid prime hunting areas.


Dominant predators that intimidate coyotes with their strength and coordinated hunting; coyotes retreat or change behaviors to avoid wolf territories.


Threaten coyote pups and scavenge kills; adult coyotes remain cautious around hawks, especially during breeding season when pups are vulnerable.


Aggressive and defensive, javelinas use sharp tusks to fend off coyotes, often causing them to seek less challenging prey due to javelinas' group defense.


Formidable predators near water sources, ambushing coyotes as they drink; coyotes exercise extreme caution around wetlands and rivers.

Large Domestic Dogs

Territorial guard dogs chase away or kill coyotes, making coyotes avoid areas patrolled by these intimidating canines.


Large and powerful, especially protective during calving season; coyotes approach elk calves cautiously and usually in groups, aware of adult elk defense.