9 Best Places to Live in California

Billy Rogers

San Diego

San Diego attracts newcomers with its diverse neighborhoods, vibrant arts scene, and mild climate. It's a hub for biotechnology and semiconductor industries, though housing prices are steep, with a median home price of $915,000.


Northern California's capital offers a more affordable cost of living and ample job opportunities. Known for its scenic riverside attractions and median home value of $460,329, it's a wise investment opportunity in the state.

Santa Rosa

Known as the urban heart of California wine country, Santa Rosa boasts a vibrant arts community and proximity to natural attractions like Armstrong Redwoods. Its stable real estate market offers diverse housing options, appealing to various tastes.

Los Angeles

Despite challenges like heavy traffic and high real estate prices, Los Angeles remains a global hub for the film industry with diverse neighborhoods and outdoor recreational opportunities, making it a magnet for creative professionals.

San Jose

At the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose offers tranquil living with high-paying job opportunities in tech. Entry-level homes range from $1.2 to $1.5 million, with desirable neighborhoods like Willow Glen attracting residents for its historic charm.

Santa Barbara

Foodies and outdoor enthusiasts flock to Santa Barbara for its Michelin-rated restaurants, outdoor activities, and Mediterranean Spanish-style architecture. The median home value around $1.6 million reflects its luxury real estate market.

Laguna Beach

Known for its scenic coastline and artistic community, Laguna Beach is ideal for ocean lovers. Limited inventory requires savvy homebuyers to work closely with agents to find off-market properties in desirable neighborhoods like Three Arch Bay.


Fresno and Clovis offer affordability amidst the natural beauty of national parks and a strong agricultural base. With a median home value of $357,908 in Fresno and $487,059 in Clovis, these cities provide a robust housing market despite increasing interest rates.

San Francisco

San Francisco's iconic landmarks, diverse neighborhoods, and strong job market make it a dynamic city despite high living costs. The median home price is $1,277,409, attracting residents who value urban vibrancy and natural beauty.

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