Neutrals are more pleasing than brights. While definitely one for decorating with colour because it can be fun and exciting

Start with a Neutral Palette

Clustering favourite items creates a focal point to maximize comfort. So let yourself enjoy the things' combined delight whenever you pass by.

Create a Cluster of Color

A fireplace may be cozy without being lighted. Take care of the whole hearth to make it enjoyable.

Maximize the Appeal of a Fireplace

To create a relaxing atmosphere, put candles around the house like to light candles in the kitchen and living room and let them burn until evening

Warm with Candles

In every space, use natural, ambient, and task lighting. "Having a bright, lighted room is an easy way to make a space feel more inviting and put together

Work with Light

One of the fastest ways to relax and enjoy yourself is with a nice scent. In your most used areas, interior designer recommends lighting favourite scented candles

Scent the Air

interior designer, suggests filling your room with good memories and loved ones. Store family photographs in albums or boxes or keep them in your everyday view.

Display Family Photos

It can be as simple as gathering a bunch of branches from a tree in your backyard and popping them in a vase

Bring the Outdoors In

Shades may be raised to highlight or hide the view. Curtains on the sides and a valance above the shade soften windows.

Emphasize a View to Nature