9 Iconic Female Hairstyles of the 70s

Farrah Fawcett's Iconic Feathered Cut

Farrah Fawcett's voluminous feathered blowdry set a trend that defined an era, inspiring countless imitations with its bounce and flippy curls.

Goldie Hawn's Timeless Curtain Bangs

Goldie Hawn's glamorous style included tousled curls, but her long curtain bangs stood out, framing her face with soft elegance.

Bianca Jagger's Retro Bombshell Bob

Bianca Jagger brought Old Hollywood glamour with her side-swept waves, making a statement at the Glory of Russian Costume Exhibition in 1976.

Cher's Legendary Mermaid Lengths

Cher's waist-skimming hair and middle parting epitomized 1970s allure, capturing hearts with her timeless style and experimentation.

Debbie Harry's Punky Platinum Signature

Blondie's Debbie Harry rocked messy platinum lengths that defined her punk image, blending edge with a lived-in charm.

Donna Summer's Disco-Ready Textured Curls

Disco queen Donna Summer flaunted fluffy, stacked curls that celebrated her textured hair, a signature look of the era.

Diana Ross' Iconic Statement Afro

Diana Ross' smooth, round afro in 1975 remains an iconic image, symbolizing the era's bold fashion and cultural influence.

Jerry Hall's Effortlessly Chic Waves

Jerry Hall's flowy blonde locks and side-part style embodied 1970s laidback glamour, capturing attention with ease.

Stevie Nicks' Boho Shag Cut

Stevie Nicks' shag cut with choppy layers and fringe epitomized her bohemian spirit, setting trends with her effortless style.