9 Prettiest Ways To Get A Pixie Bob With A Side Part

Sophisticated Pixie Bob with Side Sweep

A chic pixie bob with layered, tousled effects, complemented by a side sweep and warm blond highlights for a graceful, low-maintenance look.

Edgy Angled Pixie Bob for Women Over 40

An asymmetrical pixie bob featuring mocha tones with caramel highlights, perfect for a confident and standout style for women in their 40s.

Soft Layered Pixie Bob for Women Over 50

A pixie bob with soft layers creating volume and a rich espresso hue, offering a balance of sophistication and easy maintenance for women over 50.

Elegant Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

An asymmetrical pixie bob with strategic layering, side parting, and sweeping bangs, showcasing a subtle balayage from dark roots to lighter tips for a professional look.

Sleek Pixie Bob with Defined Side Part

A sleek pixie bob with a sharp side part and longer front strands, in deep espresso tones, perfect for polished evening elegance.

Textured Pixie Bob with Side Sweep for Casual Chic

A textured pixie bob with playful side-swept bangs and salt-and-pepper coloring, offering a fresh, timeless look with casual chic.

Feathered Pixie Bob for Women Over 70

A feathered pixie bob with soft, full-bodied layers and warm brunette tones with grey highlights, ideal for women over 70 seeking easy maintenance and elegance.

Razor-Cut Pixie Bob for Edgy Appeal

A razor-cut pixie bob with a sharp side part and undercut, featuring warm brunette tones with caramel hints, perfect for a dynamic and youthful look.

Classic Pixie Bob with Side Fringe

A classic pixie bob with a side fringe in jet-black hue, providing refined elegance and a timeless, polished appearance.