How to Remove Gel Polish with No Damage

Step 1: Protect your surfaces

OK, before diving into any actual removal Humphrey warns to protect your surfaces. "Gel remover will strip varnish or coatings off surfaces so be wary of this.

Step 2: Buff

Removal efficiency depends on this initial step. Humphrey advises a 180-grit nail file for sanding off gel top coats, removing any sheen.

Step 3: Protect your skin and cuticles

Now, this still isn t crucial for removal but helps a lot with any drying that occurs from the acetone. "Apply cuticle oil to the skin surrounding the nail to help with dehydration

Step 4: Soak them off

The next stage is the actual soaking off. "Saturate a square of cotton (either a round cut to size or ball) in acetone, place it on the nail and then wrap the foil around as tightly as possible.

Step 5: Watch the gel flake off

As soon as you take the paper off, the gel should look like it's falling off.Use your orange wood stick or nail pusher to gently push off any gel that has come off.

Step 6: Wash up

Yankee says, "After you're done soaking in acetone, you should make sure you wash it off really well." She also says to put on another layer of skin oil.

Step 7: Rehydrate

"Once you ve removed all the gel, gently buff your nails with a soft buffer (220 grit ideally) and apply plenty of cuticle oil," Humphrey advises.