The 10-Minute Perfect Morning Home Workout

Stand with legs together and arms at your side. Spread your legs and arms and jump. Warm up gently for one minute before increasing pace to raise your heart rate.

Jumping jacks

Sit up in a comfy chair and raise your hands to surrender. Take your elbows back as far as possible to stretch your chest pectorals.

Pectoral stretch

Handhold the opposite leg while standing on one leg. The front of your thigh should stretch gently. Raise your heel to your buttocks. Stretch each leg twice, holding for 20 seconds.

Quadricep stretch

Seated at a chair edge. Bend forward from the hips and stretch one leg with a straight back. Softly stretch the back of your thigh. Hold each leg stretch for 20 seconds, repeating twice.

Hamstring stretch

Place your feet forward and shoulders straight against the wall.  Fall down the wall with your thighs parallel to the floor. Keep your back against the wall and drop your knees below your toes.

Wall squats

Start by holding onto a firm chair back. Lift your heels and maintain your knees straight with your feet facing ahead.  Repeat lowering heels. Starting with three 10-sets, work up to 15.

Calf raises

Push your arms toward your body and inwardly squeeze your shoulder blades. Relax shoulders and arms.  Two 20-sets.

Shoulder retracting

Lift your body with your toes and elbows while lying flat on a mat. Stay upright.  Reposition after 20 seconds. Try 1-3 times.

Front planks