The 9  human foods you should never give your dog


Some of us might feel compelled to enjoy a drink with our furry buddies. We can also have a tendency to give our pets food that has been cooked in alcohol. They're both awful concepts. It just so happens that humans have evolved tolerances throughout time to manage.


A dog is never allowed to eat grapes. This covers vinegar, wine, raisins, and all other goods made from grapes. Dogs that eat grapes have renal failure. A handful of grapes, for example, is a lethal amount.


Returning to beer, you would be mistaken to believe that you can only drink the non-alcoholic variety with your dog; you cannot have a full-alcoholic beer with them. Hops are the main flavoring ingredient in beer, yet dogs cannot metabolize them.

Human vitamins and nutritional supplements

Giving human medication to your pets is not a good idea, even if it's something as simple as a vitamin. The majority of vitamin and mineral tablets are dosed for adult humans, who have different nutritional requirements.


Vitamin A, which is abundant in liver, might be safe in moderation. However, too much can result in a vitamin overdose in your dog, which will damage his muscles and bones.


Any way that onions are prepared raw, cooked, powdered, mixed with other meals, etc. they might harm your dog's red blood cells permanently and induce anemia.


Milk can give dogs "tummy troubles" including diarrhea, indigestion, and gas, just like it can in some people. Milk can also lead to the emergence of other food allergies, so avoid giving the dog milk for your own mental health.


Many manufactured goods use xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar alcohol, as a sugar alternative. Sugar alcohols, including grain alcohols, are not recommended for dogs. It will cause an insulin release, which could precipitously lower your dog's blood sugar.


A compound present in avocados called persin has been shown to eradicate breast cancer cells in people. If your dog consumes a lot of avocado, it may overdose on persin, which could result in more digestive issues.