The Latest Hair Colors for Women with Dark Hair

Dark Chocolate Brunette

Perkins claims that a dark chocolate brown is a classic and that it looks nice on everyone. Perkins goes on, "It brings in cooler brown tones for an allover rich brunette shade that adds depth and dimension to your look


According to Hardy, "jet-black is a deep, intense black shade that can create a striking and dramatic appearance," making it possibly the most well-known of all the dark hair colors.

Expensive Brunette

Although striking, Kevin Kelly, an expert in hair color and extensions, rarely colors customers' hair jet black or other one-tone shades because he believes that the results can have "absolutely no dimension."

Smoky Brown

According to Perkins, "a smoky, natural brunette is a great option for brunettes looking to cool down their tone," citing Jenna Ortega's hue as an excellent illustration of the shade.

Deep Brunette

As a less harsh substitute for jet-black, Hardy suggests deep brunette, which gives your hair a deep brown hue that accentuates its richness and depth. "In contrast to jet black,

Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate cherry is the ideal shade to mix red and dark hair if you have naturally dark hair and want to experiment with it. The inventor of hair care brand Mela & Kera, Jason Lee

Cool Espresso

Espresso brown hues that are cool and smokey are popular right now, and for good reason. "This smoky, natural brunette is a great option with a fresh splash of sandy tones that is reminiscent of the mushroom brunette trend

Brownie Batter

The jaw-dropping dimension of brownie-batter brownish hair, combined with its effortless elegance, is what truly distinguishes it from other brown hair hues. The celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Korab