These 7 Birds Make the Best Pets for Kids


Kids can enjoy having finches and canaries as pets because they are low maintenance and require little attention.


Doves, also referred to as pigeons, are renowned for having kind and gentle spirits. Softbill doves, in contrast to their hard-beaked counterparts, seldom attempt to bite or cause harm with their softer beaks.


Among the tiniest species of parrots are lovebirds. These vibrant small birds possess all the charm and intelligence of the larger macaws.

Budgie (Parakeet)

Australian budgies, often known as parakeets, are vibrant small birds that are entertaining for novice bird watchers.


Despite being bigger than finches and budgies, cockatiels remain among the greatest companion birds for children.

Quaker Parakeet

In reality, the Quaker, also known as the Monk parakeet, is a little parrot. However, since they're only medium-sized birds, kids can still clean up after them with relative ease.

Bantam Chicken

A real Bantam chicken, or little breed of farm chicken, is what the Silkie is. Their pleasant, cuddly, and gentle disposition makes them excellent pets for children.