Top 10 Small Flowering Trees for Your Yard

Carolina Silverbell

A spring-blooming tree native to the southern Appalachian highlands is the Carolina silverbell. In April, either right before or right along with the emergence of leaves

Chaste Tree (Vitex)

The chaste tree is a tiny, multi-stemmed tree with lavender spikes and pink or white blooms that mimic butterfly bush flowers in the middle of summer.

Crepe Myrtle

Often referred to as the "Lilac of the South," crepe myrtle is a favorite plant among gardeners. This quick grower has peeling bark, a long summer blooming period, and vivid autumn leaves that adds year-round interest. L

Flowering Almond

The miniature blooming almond, which comes in a variety of species and cultivars, is most well-known for its early springtime displays of double blossoms, each with thirty to forty petals.

Flowering Crabapple

There are thirty kinds of flowering crabapples, along with other cultivars that produce amazing fragrant blossoms in the late spring.

Flowering Dogwood

The most well-known dogwood tree in the United States is Cornus florida, though there are 17 other species as well. Other little flowering dogwoods that are excellent choices for the home landscaping

Franklin Tree

A Franklin tree is worthy of a brag, if you can locate one. Although it is extinct in the wild, you can still find this member of the tea family in specialty nurseries and botanical garden stores.


The late spring landscape is given a whimsical touch by Fringetree's white, fringe-like blossoms that cascade and have a rich, fragrant scent.

Golden Chain Tree

The golden chain tree, with its fragrant, golden-yellow blossoms that range in size from 10 to 20 inches, dominates the landscape in late May and early June.

English Hawthorn

The hawthorn genus (Crataegus) is made up of hundreds of trees and cultivars. English hawthorn is a species that grows well in challenging conditions and is especially well-suited to the domestic landscape.