Top 9 Countries With Affordable Retirement Visas

Costa Rica – Pensionado Visa

Costa Rica offers a Pensionado Visa ideal for retirees seeking a safe and beautiful environment. Known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and breathtaking volcanoes, Costa Rica also boasts tax-exempt global

Panama – Pensionado Visa

Mexico offers a Retirement Visa renowned for its affordability and rich culinary scene. Popular among retirees for its lower cost of living compared to the US, Mexico requires a minimum age of 62 or retirement status. 

Nicaragua – Pensionado Visa

Nicaragua's Pensionado Visa stands out with its low income requirement and abundance of natural beauty, including beaches, rainforests, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Retirees can qualify with a monthly 

Belize – Qualified Retirement Program (QRP)

Belize offers the Qualified Retirement Program, appealing to English-speaking retirees with its laid-back atmosphere and historic Mayan ruins. The program requires a monthly.

Colombia – Special Temporary Pensioner’s Visa

Colombia's Special Temporary Pensioner’s Visa caters to retirees attracted by its affordability and vibrant culture. The visa sets a flexible income requirement based

Ecuador – Jubilado Visa

Ecuador's Jubilado Visa has gained popularity among retirees, offering access to stunning natural wonders like the Galapagos Islands and Cotopaxi National Park. The visa requires a monthly income

Uruguay – Retirement Visa

Uruguay's Retirement Visa attracts retirees seeking a temperate climate and dual citizenship options for married couples. The visa requires a monthly income of $1,500 USD and allows couples to apply for citizenship 

Argentina – Pensionado Visa

Argentina offers a Pensionado Visa known for its fast-track citizenship process and renowned culinary traditions. Retirees must demonstrate a monthly passive income of $1,800 USD and can apply for citizenship 

Portugal – D7 Visa

Portugal's D7 Visa serves as a flexible pensioner visa allowing retirees to work, live, and retire in the country. One of the unique perks of this visa is the option to work in Portugal, providing additional

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